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30 July 2021 4 Baby Emma And Gabriel Paris Orange Glow Numbers  - Baby Emma and Gabriel - Paris - orange glow - numbers.... Philip Kreycik Found Safe Police Have The Rx He Is Outside The Hotel Now Hit His Head Not Sure Keep Repeating My Name? -... 21 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik Missing Man Is Here White Truck Hedd She Did This Not Running 9252490620 Dustin Home  - Ph... 30 July 2021 6 If You Take Off Your Shoes Without Untying Them, You Have A Specific Form Of Add That Causing Hyper Emoti... 31 July 2021 3 August 2021 - boat sinks - this will e a major event, I think this is why the boat is going to sink... 31 July 2021 4  Donald Trump's death on December 24th was natural not from the Russian heart attack drug - this is the same date are numerous past dreams,.. 29 July 2021 4 This Man Will Be In The News For The Killing On August ? 2021 Numbers Do Not Know His Name Yet  - This ma... 31 July 2021 1  Kevin Mahoney missing man located - he did not know this man was coming - why did she keep calling him - Rx drug was in her name? numbers - golf club.. 30 July 2021 2 Eggs? New Covid E? Kills One In Three Infected People By November 16Th? - Eggs? new covid E? kills one in... 30 July 2021 3 This Is For You In August Of 2021 Pay Attention To The Number Seven And How Many Times It Will Show Up  -... Phil Kreycik Located Did Not Fall She Knew He Was Going Went To Freemount Off Mowry Road Numbers Not What She Thinks Num... 31 July 2021 2  She is going to kill her child - she has some sort of rare mental disorder... 29 July 2021 2 Can You Feel It? Do You Have A Feeling That Your Loved One Has Been Replaced By A Stranger? - Can you fee... 30 July 2021 5 The Remains Of Madeleine Mccann Located 150 Yards Ease On The Beach Of Light, Praia Da Luz Portugal  - Th... 29 July 2021 5 Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judges 14:7 9 Brian Jesus Is Real For Me I Think  - Aug? July 31  5206823035 Judg... Phil Kreycik Located Did Not Fall She Knew He Was Going Went To Freemount Off Mowry Road Numbers Not What She Thinks Num... Philip Kreycik Located Hedd A White Toyota Passed Him Not Runnng Hedd C - Philip Kreycik located  - HEDD - a white toyot... 14958 1 June 2021 5 - He Is Going To Take Her Soon (in Months Or Less) Numbers - Upcoming Missing Woman Case.... 29 June 2021 1 Summer Wells Found Arrest Made This Is Her She Keeps Washing Her Hands Cctv Look At What She Bought  - Su... Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident Don Did Not Do This Remains Fo... 

The death of Anthony Barajas...A dream from July 12th 2021 says - 12 July 2021 8 Anthony Barajas $200,000 - love - Russia - not sure.  Play album slideshow


One man died and two people required hospital treatment after they were stung “hundreds of times” by swarming bees near Tucson on July 31st 2021, dream is from the 29th of the same month.  Play album slideshow


At least 2 killed in German chemical blast, this dream from July 21st, 2021 is about this event and I'm not saying anymore on this one  Play album slideshow


Another very close lottery number dream, this time it was the Israeli Lottery - dream from July 21st 2021 draw on July 27th 2021  Play album slideshow


Jan 2006 Winning lottery numbers and they just won!.  Play album slideshow


A dream from January of 2006 says Japan 8+ earthquake triggers tsunami in Tōhoku Japan on 11 march ? well it happened https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_T%C5%8Dhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami  Play album slideshow


So far 4 people played using these numbers and they won the EuroMillion Lottery Winning numbers were 3 12 19 41 48 stars were 6 and 9 ! You have got to see this dream from July 15th, almost 100% correct!  Play album slideshow


2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami - this dream from December 13th 2009 says it all and was EXACTALLY CORRECT!  Play album slideshow


A dream from July 10th, 2021 said - Now - numbers - she did this to the kids? - des Jeux ? - maybe related to another dream from the same night  Play album slideshow


The murder of Jovenel Moïse and Emmanuel Macron 1537670395 - these numbers turn out to be a book about Jovenel MoïseFormer President of Haiti who was assassinated by this man  Play album slideshow


15 16 17 18 19 20 Australia Powerball - this is what a dream from June 28th 2021 said - next week it happened exactly the way this dream said  Play album slideshow


Dreams from June 2nd and 4th 2021 are related to a building collapse on June 24th, 2021 in Florida...I think  Play album slideshow


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Dreams From June 2Nd And 4Th 2021 Are Related To A Building Collapse On June 24Th 2021 In Florida I Think - Dreams from ...13 views
5516 March 6 2014 1 ~3 - This Is the Same Dream I Had on Feb 28th Last Month (7 Degrees North 103 Degrees East Crash Xin...12 views
One Man Died And Two People Required Hospital Treatment After They Were Stung €?hundreds Of Times” By Swarming Bees N...12 views
12 July 2021 8~110 views
The Death Of Larry King On January 23Rd 2021 3 Dreams From The Past 4 Years Confirms What Really Happened And How This W...9 views
One Man Died And Two People Required Hospital Treatment After They Were Stung €?hundreds Of Times” By Swarming Bees N...8 views
The death of Anthony Barajas...A dream from July 12th, 2021 says - 12 July 2021 8 Anthony Barajas $200,000 - love - Russia - not sure...8 views
So Far 4 People Played Using These Numbers And They Won The Euromillions Lottery - So far 4 people played using these n...7 views
130124154645 Security Clearance North Koreao Nukes Story Top - On January 6th of 2016 North Korea (Dprk) Allowed Russia ...6 views
15 Minute Cures - Brian Number Predictions Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream, log in or re...5 views
6979 15 February 2016 4 Ladd - North Korean Predictions for 2016...5 views
7726 2 October 2016 14 - Superenalotto, Another Lottery I Never Knew About Hit! Not All the Numbers, but Very Close....5 views
Nikolas Cruz Flordia Shooter 2018 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting. On February 14th, 2018, I Received a ...5 views
14499 18 February 2021 5 - Turns Out This Dream Was In French And It Contained Winning Lottery Numbers For The France Lo...5 views
14563 3 March 2021 6 - Dream Number 14563 3 March 2021 Says H.S.S 0 34 26 14 8 ? South Africa Guess What - Someone Won...5 views
14589 10 March 2021 3 - This Dream From March 11th 2021 Hit The Powerball Lottery Just 2 Days Later Dreams Says Fives...5 views
The Murder Of Jovenel Moise And Emmanuel Macron 1537670395 These Numbers Turn Out To Be A Book About Jovenel Moiseformer...5 views
2011 T??Hoku Earthquake And Tsunami This Dream From December 13Th 2009 Says It All And Was Exactally Correct! - 2011 Tō...5 views
The death of Anthony Barajas...A dream from July 12th, 2021 says - 12 July 2021 8 Anthony Barajas $200,000 - love - Russia - not sure...5 views
5519 March 7 2014 2 - 96211 737 Crash American Airlines 737-800 32 Years Old Zirconium Dioxin Hymilar - This Is the Man ...4 views
5521 March 7 2014 4 - Same Dream as Last Night and a Week Ago, a Man, 7 Degrees North 103 Degrees East 32 11 37 11 Tenzi...4 views
Louis Farrakhans Death Prediction Brian Ladd - Cia Runs Louis Farrakhan and Friend Off Road on Their Way to Meet With Ma...4 views
6780 12 August 2015 2 - Not Sure Yet...4 views
6781 12 August 2015 3 - Eels, Dead Eels Everywhere...4 views
Normal 6787 8 December 2 - On January 6th of 2016 North Korea (Dprk) Allowed Russia to Test It's New 'suit Cas...4 views
Drones And Weapons Of Mass Destruction News - Drones and Weapons of Mass Destruction News 2 Dream by Brian Ladd, Psych...4 views
north_korea_nuclear_weapons_psychic_prediction_and_the_start_of_WW III_6587_11_may_2015_1_dreams_brian_ladd~1.jpg
North Korea Nuclear Weapons And The Start Of Ww Iii 6587 11 May 2015 1 - North Korean Predictions for 2016...4 views
Us North Korean Missile Launch Failure Psyshic Prediction - 14 Apr 2016 1...4 views
Rtr4Ykmw - DPRK General's Notebook Readings...4 views
7538 21 August 2016 4 Ladd - A Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Struck Myanmar 25 Km (16 Mi) West of Chauk on August 24 With a M...4 views
Barry Sherman And Honey Sherman Murdered 9693 10 December 2017 3 Psychic - At 11:44 Am On Friday, December 16th, 2017 Po...4 views
10836 31 July 2018 1 - 31 Jul 2018 1...4 views
10878 6 August 2018 6 - 6 Aug 2018 6...4 views
10873 6 August 2018 1 - 44 11 Mollie Tibbetts 'admit The Argument, He Is Going To Kill, They Were There, August. ...4 views
10884 7 August 2018 2 - 8/7/2018 44 11? Mollie Tibbetts Will Be Murdered On August 16th By This Man, They Know, Can'...4 views
10885 7 August 2018 3 - 8.12.18 I Have Not Left to Go to Iowa Yet, Its Pretty Far From Where I Live Psl Florida, Plus Sc...4 views
10893 7 August 2018 11 - 8.22.2018, I Have Heard the Awful News That Mollie Was Found Dead, Very Sad Situation. I Have R...4 views
10902 8 August 2018 9 - More on the Mollie Tibbett Missing Person Case, the Amount of Interest, in This Case, Is Great, ...4 views
10906 9 August 2018 4 - 8.12.18 I Have Not Left To Go To Iowa Yet, Its Pretty Far From Where I Live Psl Florida, Plus S...4 views
10910 11 August 2018 4 - I'm With My Family at a Movie Theater This Man Seated Two Seats in Front of Us Stands Up T...4 views
Mollie Tibbits Missing Brian Ladd - 8.12.18 I Have Not Left To Go To Iowa Yet, Its Pretty Far From Where I Live Psl Flo...4 views
10910 11 August 2018 4 ~2 - Q 45 Red Notebook, The Dog Knows Where? The Dog In Question Is Not A Search Or Cadaver Dog,...4 views
Euromillions Lottery Winning Numbers - This Is Amazing!! The Numbers On This Dream Drawing Matched A Lottery Month Later...4 views
12644 28 January 2020 1 - This Dream From January Of 2020 Exactly Matched Israel Lotto Draw Number 3219 On Feb 1st, 2020...4 views
13629 15 September 2020 7 - The Death Of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, On September 18th 2020 Was Predicted...4 views
9995 14 February 2018 3 - This Is A Dream From February 14th, 2018 About An Upcoming Pandemic - The Dream Says A New Vi...4 views
A Dream From January 17Th 2020 Says Gme Buy Gamestop Stock Now A Year Later And People Are Now Rich - A Dream From Janua...4 views
12605 17 January 2020 3 - A Dream From January 17th 2020 Says Gme Buy Gamestop Stock At $3.91 Sell At $397.91 - One Yea...4 views
Fire In Pittsburg On February 8Th 2021 Is Related To This Dream - Fire In Pittsburg On February 8th 2021 Is Related To T...4 views
A Dream From The 21St Of February 2021 May Be Related To The Golf Pro Tiger Woods Auto Accident On February 23Rd Of The ...4 views
13268 6 July 2020 5 - A Dream From July 6th 2020 Says Tiger Woods Dies Of Covid-19 He Has Had It Before - The Second Ti...4 views
This Dream From March 11Th 2021 Hit The Powerball Lottery Just 2 Days Later - This Dream From March 11th 2021 Hit The P...4 views
March 22Nd 2021 Boulder Colorado Shooting May Be Related To This January 21 And March 10Th 2021 Dream - March 22nd 2021 ...4 views
This Dream From March 30Th 2021 States That Over 12 000 People In Tampa Florida Are Going To Die Please See This Dream ...4 views
Another Very Close Lottery Number Dream, This Time It Was The Israeli Lottery Dream From July 21St 2021 Draw On July 27T...4 views
Another Very Close Lottery Number Dream, This Time It Was The Israeli Lottery Dream From July 21St 2021 Draw On July 27T...4 views
5516 March 6 2014 1 - 7 Degrees North 103 Degrees East Crash Xinhuna News Tenzin Gyan Terrorist 396 Gulf of Thailand Sui...3 views
Malaysia Airways Flight Number Mh370 Loction Brian Ladd Psycic - Malaysia Airways Flight Number Mh370, the Coordinates F...3 views
Flight 370 Buoy Cam Briansdreams Dot Com 4 17 2014 - Buoy Cam Images From the General Area, Time and Date. I Blew the Im...3 views
5790 July 14 2014 1 ~2 - This Dd Maybe Related to the Malaysia Airlines Crash on July 17 of 2014, I Will Try and Deciphe...3 views
5972 13 October 2014 4 - Actor Daniel Radcliffe Dies in a Fire That Was Started by a Friend of His, He Dies Trying to Pu...3 views
Thomas Duncan Dream Prediction - Thomas Duncan Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream, log in o...3 views
5985 19 October 2014 1 - Larry Flynt Dies of Smoke Inhalation in 'hidden Safe Room' Was Not an Accident, Was a...3 views
Eric Frein Exact Location - Eric Frein Exact Location Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream, l...3 views
6012 27 October 2014 5 - No Fear,mick Jagger Gets Sick, Death Was Not What He Expected...3 views
Virgin Galactic S Spaceshiptwo Crash And The Nasa Antares Rocket Explosion At Nasas Wallops Flight Facility In Virginia ...3 views
6043 6 November 2014 6 - Cia Runs Louis Farrakhan and Friend Off Road on Their Way to Meet With Man Who Says He Has Proo...3 views
April 2015 Mediterranean Sea Migrant - Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Libya, April 19, 2015 Prediction (Happen 1 Year Later)...3 views
north_korea_nuclear_weapons_psychic_prediction_and_the_start_of_WW III.pdf
North Korea Nuclear Weapons And The Start Of Ww Iii - North Korea Nuclear Weapons and the Start of Ww Iii Dream by Bri...3 views
Northeastern Montana Oil Taker Train Derails On July 17Th 2015 - Northeastern Montana Oil Taker Train Derails on July 17...3 views
6725 9 July 2015 2 - Northeastern Montana Oil Taker Train Derails on July 17th 2015 Numbers Are on the Train Cars and th...3 views
10 Killed In Shooting At Oregon S Umpqua Collage Brian Ladds Psyhcic Predictions 10 1 2015 2 - I'm Certain This Dd ...3 views
2015 San Bernardino Shooting 1 - 2015 San Bernardino Shooting, Not Sure About the Other Numbers and Possibly Related D...3 views
Brian Ladds Dreams 2016 Psychic 5 - 2016 5 Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream, log in or re...3 views
Dream Diary Brian Ladd - Dream Diary Brian Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer. For more on this dream, log in or re...3 views
Fire Crews Fight Arvada Inferno Of Pro Http Www Denverpost Com News Ci 2 - Fire on January 2nd 2016 in Denver Colorado, ...3 views
Fire On January 2Nd 2016 In Denver Colorado Named The Arvada Inferno Was Correctly Predicted From A Dream From December ...3 views
The Arvada Inferno Dream Prediction Jan 2 2016 Brian Ladd - Fire on January 2nd 2016 in Denver Colorado, Nicknamed the A...3 views
The Arvada Inferno Dream Prediction Jan 2 2016 Brian Ladd Whiteboard Rescan - Fire on January 2nd 2016 in Denver Colorad...3 views
6159 9 December 2014 4 1 - On January 6th of 2016 North Korea (Dprk) Allowed Russia to Test It's New 'suit Cas...3 views